Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Messy World of a 2 Year Old

Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like clutter or messes! It stresses me out! I have come to terms that when you have kids, they make messes. That's okay with me and I have learned that I just have to laugh when things get a little messed up.

However, my 2 year old has recently decided that when she plays, she has to get out a TON of toys at one time! Most of the time she is trying to tuck them in to take a nap (which I find funny considering she will rarely take a nap anymore), but end up everywhere!

For example, here is her bed. This is how it is supposed to look:
Here is what it looks like when she gets done with it:
She looks pretty proud of her mess, doesn't she?

Then, she decides to bring it all in the living room since I'm in there. So, here she is with her mess in the living room:
Once I start folding laundry in my bedroom, Trinity starts dragging everyone along to watch Mommy!
This is in the floor on Dan's side of the room:
I'm glad she has so much fun in life! I'm hoping she will learn to put everything away without me telling her to...or maybe at least only get one thing out at a time! I'll just keep working with her on that and we'll see how it goes!

Oh, I love her! Even if her messes totally drive me crazy!

What funny things do your kids do that make you go nuts?


  1. 1. Wet towels that have been left on the floor for days drive me INSANE!
    2.Falling asleep on the couch on a weekend and never bothering to get up and get into their actual bed... another pet peeve.
    3.Not using a plate when you eat. Come on. Seriously. There is now a trail of poptart crumbs leading from the kitchen to your bedroom. Dont tell me "Emily did it"!!

    I think you struck a nerve Christy. Seems like my kids drive me pretty crazy, but I sure do love the little darlings!

  2. abby drives me nuts with her pokiness...particularly when she brushes her teeth.