Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Earth Day! "Go Green"

Since Earth Day is on Friday, I thought I would wish you "Happy Earth Day" a little early and give you my TOP 5 WAYS TO "Go Green!" I certainly don't do everything "green" these days, but I try my hardest. Think about it, if each person (or family) would do just one thing different each year, it would change our world drastically.

Anyway, here is my TOP 5 WAYS TO "Go Green:"

1) Reusable Bags!
Oh how I love my bags! You can buy these pretty cheap at any store. I keep mine in my van because you never know when you're going to need them. They are so handy and actually hold a lot more than the plastic bags the grocery store has.

2) Reuse Plastic Bags.
I will admit that I don't use my reusable bags every time I go to the store. Sometimes I forget to bring them in. However, I try to get another use or two out of the plastic bags I bring home. For example, I keep a couple in our diaper bag in case there is a dirty diaper situation. It's not cool to leave a stinky diaper in any trash can no matter where you are, so the least I could do is wrap it up and tie it shut. Another way I reuse them is when my Mom's neighborhood has their annual yard sale. Once people buy some of my junk...ah, I mean my stuff, I put it in bag for them so it's easy to carry home.

3) Reuse Ziploc Storage Bags.
I use Ziploc Storage bags for a lot of things, but I often try to reuse them. You know, to keep Pop-Tarts, crackers, rice, and pasta in. It's not like the bag gets messed up by having those items in them, so once it's empty, I save it until I need it again for the item that was previously stored in it.

4) Save Left-over Napkins.
You know how you always get a bunch of extra napkins after going to the drive-thru? Well instead of trashing those, I like to keep them in my glove box in the van. I have had to use them for various reasons and was so glad they were the night Trinity threw up on the way home (still about 30 minutes away from home) and I had already used every wet wipe in the diaper bag to clean her up. I was SUPER glad I had them that night! (I also used 1 of my extra plastic bags in the diaper bag to keep all the trash in.)

5) Store Left-overs in Storage Containers.
I usually only cook a couple nights a week and I plan to make enough to have left-overs to serve the other days of the week. Instead of using foil, plastic wrap, and Ziploc storage bags that I would have to trash after 1 use, I use storage containers that can be washed and reused time after time. It also helps to keep our yummy left-overs fresh.
(Note: I'm so lucky my husband will eat left-overs!)
I'm always looking for other easy things I can do so my question to you is: What do you do to "Go Green?"

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  1. Buying clothing from resale shops.Cheaper for you and better for the environment.

    Wash your laundry in cold water

    Set out buckets when it rains to catch rain water and water your outdoor plants with rain water.Again cheaper for you!