Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Election Time

I am not into politics much at all, but my husband is! As a matter of fact, it is a huge joke at our house that my husband gets TWO votes during an election because he tells me what to vote for and I do what he says. :) He listens to that boring talk radio almost on a daily basis and stays pretty up-to-date on current events. Don't get me wrong, I care about what is going on with our country, but I don't revolve my life around it.

However, I am well aware that it is a privilege to vote and I take that opportunity very seriously. Yes, I ask Dan who he is voting for and why, but ultimately I vote because it's my duty as an American citizen. Each vote helps to shape our country in some shape or form.

This past week, we had our general municipal election. This one was pretty important to us because we were voting on the new Board of Director for our local Fire Department...which Dan volunteers at. I mean we have had the big yellow sign in our yard and on our vehicle for a couple of weeks now!

Since Dan is so into voting, we have tried to make a family tradition with it. This was Trinity's 2nd time going to vote with us and Nehemiah's 1st!

Here's Dan and Trinity as we're packing up getting ready to go.
Nehemiah's just along for the ride...he has no clue what he's getting into! :)
After we voted, we went out to eat. We were all pretty hungry!
THIS is our voting family tradition...Dairy Queen Blizzards! Got to love DQ!
(I love Dan's face here...he always "bites" with the kids when he's feeding them!)
We started this when Trinity came with us for the 1st time and decided that we would make this a fun experience for our kids. We want them to see how their parents take pride in our country! Maybe they will pick that up and be a useful citizen themselves someday.

Here's another funny thing we do! They always hand out "I Voted" stickers once you turn in your ballot. Since we want to encourage everyone to do it, we date our stickers and add them to one of Dan's guitar cases. We just started this a couple of years ago, but I can just imagine how tacky this case is going to look after years and years of voting! :)
I hope you vote!
If not, I would like to encourage you to start! Otherwise, you have no right to complain about how things are going in our country.

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