Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dan Was Right and I Was Wrong!

Yes, you read that correctly...Dan was right and I was wrong! I'll admit it!

We recently got our tax return back. We were shocked that it was as large as it was. We decided to pay off the last two doctor bills from having Nehemiah, put some in the bank for a rainy day, and then get some things we have wanted for a long time. A XBox 360 Kinect would be perfect! Exercise and entertainment!

That brought up a problem though. We had bought our entertainment center right after getting married. It is over 7 years old now and leans forward. We have been afraid that it will someday fall over...maybe on one of our kids. :( Not cool!

I talked Dan into buying a new flat screen TV. We could just hang it on the wall and then we could get rid of that soon-to-be dangerous entertainment center. After all, the whole room shakes if you jump, so it was bound to fall over at some point.

Here is a picture of the entertainment center. Keep in mind this picture was taken BEFORE we had kids. We have everything child-proofed now!
Well, we took a couple of weeks to price everything and decide what we wanted. We talked about it a lot! Finally, we took the plunge and just went for it! We bought the XBox 360 with Kinect and a new flat screen TV! :) However, what were we going to use as our entertainment center?

Dan and I were almost arguing over this. I wanted to get something new and he didn't want to spend more money. I am usually the frugal one that uses coupons and gets the "deals" in our family, but it was nice that he was thinking of money too. In my mind, our NEW entertainment center had to have shelves in it that we could put child safety locks the one we already had. We were having a very difficult time finding anything close to what I wanted so Dan said, "I'll just cut the top part off of the one we already have." I was shocked! How tacky would that look!!!! Besides, I wanted to sell it and get some money out of it.

Since he wears the pants in the family, he just made the decision to do it. I was a little irritated that we weren't getting something new, but I thought I would let him try it out and soon see how right I was.

Boy, did that backfire on me! Once he started to take off the top half of the entertainment center, we realized that it was put together in pieces. He only had to "cut" two little parts. Not to mention that the very top shelf fit perfectly on top of our now "short" entertainment center. It was PERFECT!!! He was right!

Here's Dan working on it:
Here's the final product! He saved us about $200-$400 by doing this!
The rest of the pictures are just for fun. I'm exciting about having new fun stuff so I'll let you share in my joy! 
Here's Nehemiah watching Daddy work. We had dropped Trinity off at Grandma and Grandpa's so she wouldn't get in the way while we were getting everything all set up.
Our good friend Chuck is great at anything technical. Dan told him we were hooking up our new TV and XBox, so he offered to come over and help us out! Thanks Chuck!!!!
TV is on the wall! Now they are hooking up the DVD player and surround sound.
This is our first try and the XBox! It was so much fun! Chuck and Jacinda played it with us and we had a great time!
(Notice how Dan has a burp cloth on his shoulder and a nice bowl of ice cream in his hand!)
Chuck and Jacinda boxing! If I remember correctly, Jacinda beat Chuck pretty bad!!!! :)
Our little family boxing together. It's a lot of fun watching Trinity, but she moves around so much it messes it up. :) We'll have to work on that one.
After bowling, here are our scores. Chuck won this one, but I would like to point out that he only beat me by ONE point!
Here is the final product! Great job, Dan! You were right!!!!


  1. Wow, he did a great job! What insight! It looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks Leslie! He did a great job so I thought I'd brag on him a little. :) You guys will have to come over and play sometime. It's very humbling but a lot of fun.

  3. Good job guys!Never would of thought you could cut it apart like that. HUMMM Honey!!