Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Transitioning to a MiniVan

Back in the day, I used to really care about what other people thought of me. I still do to an extent, but it's not a huge deal anymore. I am who I am and if someone doesn't like me, it's their loss.

I used to have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT with a sun-roof. Now that it's 2011, that may not seem very cool, but I sure thought it was a cool car! Dan and I bought it shortly after we got married and have lots of good memories in that vehicle. We brought Trinity home in it even. We both loved that car!

Once we found out we were expecting Nehemiah, that cute little sports car didn't seem to meet our needs anymore. We already had one car seat in the back and it about broke my back to get Trinity in and out sometimes. If we put a second car seat in, that would take up the whole back seat. Not to mention the stroller in the trunk. There was no room left! Where would I put my groceries when I went to the store...and the diaper bag, luggage for travel, etc?

We made the decision to purchase an SUV or possibly...should I even say it...a MINIVAN! Dan had always said that he would never drive a MiniVan.

We had some money in the bank, but were just waiting to find the right vehicle. A trustworthy couple in our church sent out a mass e-mail saying they were selling their MiniVan to upgrade to a bigger vehicle. It was right in our price range and was in great condition! We test drove it and asked a lot of questions! Finally, we jumped on it! Our family really NEEDED this change, whether we wanted to admit it or not.

We ended up selling our sweet little sports car and though I missed it at first, I would much rather have my MiniVan! I took some pictures of it right before we handed it over the new I'll always be able to look at the pictures and think about how cool I USED to be!

It is really funny that my family now calls Dan "MiniVan Dan!" He has actually admitted to liking our MiniVan and that is the only vehicle we take out as a family now. So, we may not be cool anymore, but we all fit...and so does all of our stuff!


  1. That a girl! trade in those cool days for a van of kids, Id do it in a heart beat.. Oh wait, I did! The more you have it the more you will love it, and cringe at the idea of ever going back to a car. Cars are nice and have their place but there is no place like home.. I mean a van. You might find, like I did, and i would be interested to know if after a few months does ALL your stuff still fit? great post! :0

  2. So far so good! I've had it packed pretty full before...Christmas was the worst! :)

  3. Christy Jo, if you are like me, being able to get all of the babies in and out easily is the "coolest"! I still haven't become a minivan fan, but I sure did fill up my Suburban!!! I love having all the room! You are a great mommy and your children are lucky to have you! And if it makes ya feel ANY better (LOL) you are cool in my book!--Michelle Gomas

  4. This made me smile! I swore I would never drive a mini van before I turned 30! Well, we bought ours a couple years ago when I was pregnant with our 3rd kiddo!!! I love mine!!!!! I can't imagine ever having a car again, or an SUV even!! I keep telling my husband that we need one more kiddo to put in ours! :) We will see!

    Sarah Rasnick