Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Friday, December 2, 2011

All About Dan...

Today is Dan's 30th birthday!
I thought I would share 30 random facts about him just for fun...from MY perspective! :)

1. While brushing his teeth, he stands straight up brushing with his right hand and places his left hand in his pocket (or on his hip if he doesn't have pockets.) EVERY TIME!
2. He hates to eat meat that has a bone in it because it makes his hands messy! 
3. He is better at scrap booking than I am! (That's sad to admit for both of us!)
4. He is of the most truthful people you'll ever meet!
5. He can spend HOURS watching fighting/self-defense videos on YouTube. Then he likes to "practice" what he learned on me...
6. He talks, walks, builds doors, has detailed conversations with people, takes care of our children, and does many other things IN HIS SLEEP! He has done some pretty funny things that I could embarrass him with at any time.
7. He makes up his own words to ANY song that's playing...and the word "fart" usually ends up in there somewhere.
8. He is addicted to soda...Code Red to be exact! He even gets headaches if he goes without it for a day or so.
9. He is into politics, talk radio and all that other boring stuff. He keeps me educated on it all since I don't follow any of it.
10. He worries about everything!
11. He is one of the hardest working people I know! He has an excellent work ethic and takes his job(s) seriously.
12. He is such a great Daddy and loves to wrestle, color, play, and spend quality time with our kids! He is a family man!!!!
13. He is very shy if he doesn't know someone. However, once he feels he knows you, he is so stinking funny and just a blast to be around!
14. He calls the shots around here, but he's very respectful in how he does things...and he always takes my opinion into consideration.
15. His nickname as a child was Chickenbone. He was pretty skinny!
16. He does not care to take the trash out! :)
17. He can play numerous instruments. The main ones are the guitar, bass, and drums...which he plays in the worship band at church. He says he wants to learn how to play the piano, but I've heard him play the intro to Van Halen's "Right Now" BY EAR! I'd say he can play the piano... 
18. He doesn't like cake! He's more of an ice cream, pie, brownie, rice krispie kind of guy.
19. One of his favorite things to do in the winter is lay on the heater with a blanket over him! He says he can remember laying on the heater with his Dad and it's cute how Trinity likes to crawl up next to him now.
20. He is an excellent preacher! I love to hear him preach!
21. He can do an impersonation for about anyone! It's usually pretty close to the actual person he is pretending to be...accent, facial expressions, body language and all! Ask him to do Mrs. Doubtfire...that's my FAVORITE!!!!
22. He loves to work out and has a full gym in our basement...we even have a leg press machine!
23. He never forgets a face! We'll be our in public and he will see someone he sold a door to 5 years ago. He can usually tell you a detailed story about his interaction with them too.
24. He is pretty handy, but he usually doesn't finish household projects for a while...and by a while I mean for a few YEARS! At least the majority of the work gets done at one time. In his defense, he is very busy and doesn't have a lot of free time.
25. He likes Egg Nog...yuck! 
26. Many people don't know this but Dan is an artist! He is very talented at drawing and used to win a lot of competitions he would enter in his younger years. He doesn't draw much anymore, but he's very good at it!
27. He is very humble! You will never hear him brag on himself. He usually makes himself sound pretty dull when he talks about himself, but he's actually good at anything he tries to do!
28. He usually doesn't like to be around big crowds. He would much rather be home than anywhere else.
29. He stays pretty calm when crazy things happen and thinks quick. I am not like that at all so it is impressive to me!
30. He eats a bagel with cream cheese and 4 slices of hard salomi for breakfast every morning! I make it for him everyday...accept when he's not working, then he likes his egg sandwich we invented.

I have many more useless fun facts about Dan, but I'll stop here so this isn't too long. I hope you learned something new about him! 

Happy 30th Birthday, Dan! I love you, Old Man!!!! :)


  1. Does he share his brothers same fear of doing #2 in public restrooms?

  2. 31. He's loyal! More loyal than anyone I know.