Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 Favorite Memories from 8 Years of Marriage...

Dan and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage today! It doesn't seem possible that it's been that long already, but I can honestly say that I love him even more now than I did the day we said "I do." He is my best friend and we enjoy living life together, side by side! We have two beautiful, healthy kids and are so blessed in numerous ways!

To do something special, I wanted to highlight 8 of my favorite memories from the last 8 years. I have so many that I had to narrow it down to my favorite 8 memories that I am thinking of TODAY (because tomorrow I might have 8 different ones in mind!) I went through our scrapbooks and took some pictures of some pages we did to give all my blog reader's a visual.

This is dedicated to the love of my life, Dan!

1) Our wedding day!
This was honestly one of the best days of my life! I was so excited and just couldn't wait for our special day to start! We had so much fun and anything that didn't run exactly as planned was not a big deal to either one of us. I think one of the best memories of that day was when I walked down the aisle and saw his face as I got closer to him! (I tear up thinking about it.)  He also carried me into our apartment once we got dress and all! :)

2) The David Crowder Fart Incident!
Oh man, just thinking about this incident makes me laugh out loud!!!
He is going to kill me for sharing this with you all!
Let me explain...Dan was a youth pastor for our first 5 years of marriage (before we had kids.) We had the privilege to attend a Youth Workers Conference in Atlanta, GA in 2004. David Crowder (who is one of my FAVORITE praise and worship leaders) was there! After one of our sessions, we went to this little food shop at the convention center to eat lunch. We were enjoying each other's company when we realized that David Crowder had just sat on the other side of our booth! We only had a little divider between us! He was being interviewed so we sat and listened in. Next thing I know, Dan is making a face like "Oh no!" He had farted and it was a huge stinky one!!!! I started laughing and began waving it over the divider towards David Crowder! Dan turned red as he grabbed my hands to stop me! We were both laughing so hard we had tears on our eyes!

We finally got brave enough (once the fart smell had passed) to go over and ask to get our picture taken with him. He was a really cool guy and invited us to join him in his booth to pose for it. The lady that took our picture moved so it came out blurry, but we still have a hilarious story about that day!

3) Our walk on the beach!
The beach is one of my favorite places to visit! I have only been to the beach 3 times in my life...and this particular visit I'm discussing was only a 15 minute stop to get some pictures. 
(Hopefully there will be many more visits in my future!)

In 2006, Dan and I had taken our youth group to Biloxi, MS to take part in Hurricane Katrina Relief. It was a year after the hurricane, but there was still so much damage and work to be done. That was the best mission trip I have ever been on and I will never forget it!

Before we headed home, we stopped at the beach to take some pictures. I was so excited because this was my first beach visit with Dan! I had always pictured us getting pictures walking down the beach holding hands so I told him we had to take advantage of this opportunity.

He had other ideas of how those pictures would look! As we were walking hand-in-hand I was smiling...then I realized that Dan was bent over scratching his rear end! If you notice one of the pictures below, I am trying to grab his hand and make him straighten up for our romantic pictures! I printed out the "good" photos we got, but I had to print out one butt scratching one as well!
Oh, that man makes me laugh so hard!

4) Fishing!
I have never been an outdoor-type person. It's usually either too hot or too cold, there are bugs, and I just don't really like being outside unless there is something fun to do out there. 

Dan and I decided that we wanted a nice hobby to do together so we got the bright idea to start fishing! We bought new fishing poles (mine is pink and purple), got our fishing license, and went to a local park. I was actually surprised that it was fun! We stayed there until dark and enjoyed just being there together! I liked being close to the water...again, I like the beach and that's the closest thing we've got here in Missouri!

One of the next times we went fishing, I got 91 bug bites! (See why I don't like being outside?) We haven't been fishing since. Our beautiful fishing poles are hanging up in our garage...just waiting to be used again. At least we have that first fishing trip day to reflect on now! :)

5) Snowed In!
We woke up one Sunday morning in January to find that we were completely snowed in! Our church was cancelled so we decided to go out and play in our back yard just like we had when we were kids. We had so much fun! We made snow angels, built forts and had a snowball fight (which Dan won...big meanie), and buried one another in the snow where only our heads were showing! We ended the afternoon off with going inside to warm up and drink hot chocolate!

Now that we have kids, we are planning to do this again...with them this time! 

6) The City Museum!
Neither one of us had ever been to the City Museum. When you hear the word museum you usually think of a boring building you walk around in looking at old statues and pictures. Not this place! It was like an indoor playground for adults! We went by ourselves and had a blast going through each area of the museum. We laughed at each other doing stupid things and paid a little extra money to go through the indoor aquarium, which I really enjoyed! What a fun night!

7) My first Mother's Day gift!
I was about 3 months along with Trinity when Mother's Day came along. I didn't really consider myself a "Mom" yet because I had never changed diapers, gotten up in the middle of the night to feed a baby, or done any other "Mommy" type things.

I was working full time and it was a normal thing for Dan to drop me off and pick me up on Fridays (which is his day off from work.) When he picked me up this particular Friday evening, he said, "We're going to Red Lobster for Mother's Day!" I thought we were meeting his Mom there or something and he explained that he was taking ME out! It was so sweet! He already had major brownie points for that, but it got even better. When we got home, there was a Willow Tree figure sitting in the middle of our dining room table! It was my first Mother's Day gift and it is so special! It is called "Our Gift." It is still sitting in the middle of our table and has been broken by a sweet little girl (which was easily repaired with super glue) but it is one of the most sentimental things I have! He doesn't surprise me very often so when he does, it's a good thing!

8) Purina Farms with the Kids!
We love to go out and do fun things together. Now that we have 2 kids, it is even more fun! They get so excited doing new things! Recently we went to Purina Farms on a Friday morning. We were only there for a couple of hours, but we had such a great time. We saw a lot of animals, watched a really cool dog show, and ended up going out for lunch. Sounds pretty simple, but it is a great memory I have.

Dan, we have built such a wonderful life together and I look forward to the MANY years we still have together! I am so thankful to have you as my husband and I appreciate everything you do for me and our family!

I love you more than words can express!
Happy Anniversary!

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