Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

It's so hard to believe that my Dad went home to be with the Lord a year ago today! The time has went by too fast and so many things have changed...some good and some hard.

I have decided that I don't want to dwell on the fact that he's not here anymore and I'd like to reflect on his life instead of his death. I was so blessed to have him as my Father. Oh, what the world would be like if EVERYONE had a Father like the one God gave me!

Okay, so I don't want any tears out there! As I tell my 2 year old, "No crying!" I would like to share some of my favorite memories of him so just stick with me here and try to hold it together. Remember, he is in HEAVEN having the time of his life! He has no more pain, no more sickness, and no more diabetes...and all that's related! I also find great comfort knowing that I'll get to spend eternity with him!

Onto SOME of my favorite memories (sorry it's a little lengthy):

~A childhood memory that I will never forget is my Dad's "Boogie" song! If anyone was around when I was little, you know what I'm talking about. This was typically a song that he would only play for me! (I know, I was so blessed!) He would play his guitar and sing about a booger...SO FUNNY!  I can remember running around in circles in our living room just laughing so hard!

~When I was around 6 or 7, we got my cat...Gypsy.  What a great cat! I remember one night, I was all hyped up, I was holding poor little Gypsy and going in circles with him. Well, Gypsy didn't like it so he bit my nose...right on the tip. I dropped the cat, started crying, and ran over to my Dad who was laughing hysterically! Didn't he see that the dumb cat just bit my nose. Yes, he did...and he thought it was funny! He told me that I shouldn't treat the cat like that and I needed to be careful with he continued laughing at what just took place.  Lesson learned! :)

~When I was in Elementary School, I rode the bus. When I would get home, my Dad was always there. Usually he would greet me at the door with a nice cold soda...and a big smile. However, every now and then, I would walk in and there would be a note on the kitchen table.  It would say, "Come and find me!" As I'd walk down the hall, he would have each door shut. I'd open each door real slow and just giggle. Eventually, when I would find the room he was hiding in, he would jump out and tickle me! That was so much fun!

~One time, I was walking through our garage to get inside and Dad jumped out of our Mini-van and scared me!

~Okay, so onto my driving years! What fun! I wanted to learn how to drive ASAP since I was quickly approaching my sweet 16. I asked my Dad if he would let me mow the yard so I could get some experience driving. Keep in mind that my Dad is the ONLY person in my immediate family to ever mow our yard.  Mom and I just never had to do that part. :) He agreed...and I think he was sorry he did! I didn't realize that lawn mowers are so different than vehicles. My Dad kept yelling, "Christy - run over the TALL grass!" I had really messed up his neat, organized mowing job, so I quickly gave up and let him finish it. We would make reference to that time pretty often later down the road.

~I finally got my driver's permit (which he took me to get) and I was practicing driving one day. As we drove down the street we lived on, I saw my boyfriend at the time outside playing basketball. My Dad bent down with his head between his legs so he wouldn't be seen and told me to just wave and smile as I drove by him! What a cool Dad!

~Winter time...High School Days. Our house has a two car garage. My parent's would both park inside the garage and I would park my cute little blue Neon at the bottom of the driveway. Every morning that it has snowed, my Dad would wake up extra early and go out to scrap my car windows before he left for the day. I am not exaggerating! I cannot remember a time that I actually had to scrap my windows myself while living at home!

~College days...most people move away and stay away when they are in college. Not me! I'm an only child and I've always been close to my parents so I visited very often...usually at least once a week. :) It was so neat that EVERYTIME I would come home, my Dad would fill up my gas tank and check out my car. I only went to school an hour away, but he just always took care of it for me. As I got older, when him and Mom would come up to see me, he would just slip me a $20. Even if I saw him 3 times that week, I'd end up with 3 $20's...just because.

~Anyone who knew my Dad knew how funny he was! One of my favorite goofy things he did (it's hard to narrow down a favorite here) was the time that he put a straw in his drink and BLEW in it making lots of bubbles.  I just looked at him like, "What in the world are you doing?" He quickly responded, "Oh, I put my straw in upside-down!" Then, with a straight face, he took the straw out, flipped it over, and put it back in his soda. After that nice display, he took a drink and simply said, "That's better!"

~Going to Branson was always a favorite! Dan and I had been married for almost 5 years and my parents invited us to join them again in Branson! Dad and Dan were having so much fun taking silly pictures that trick your eyes. I must say, my Dad was very creative! In the picture below, I was pregnant with Trinity. It was just supposed to look like he was holding Mom and I up, but it also looks like he has their Jeep on his shoulders!

~Never a dull moment...
~Okay, so this one may be a good, but sad memory. This next picture was taken on my birthday...the last birthday I would ever have with him here on earth. Him and Mom came up and took Trinity and I to Red Lobster. We had so much fun and ordered dessert to celebrate. I had to get my camera out to capture some of the fun we were having, but I had no clue that we would crop my Dad out of this picture later that year and put it on his obituary and funeral program. Sad! On my birthday in 2010, I got teary-eyed looking at this picture...which my Mom has a nice 8x10 in her living room of. He is with 2 of the 3 most special women in his life...I'm the 3rd one! :)
~My Pa-pa had to have open-heart surgery...this was the summer before my Dad found out he had cancer. We were all sitting in the waiting room at the hospital and Dad wanted to hold Trinity...he ALWAYS wanted to hold her! She put her hand in his pocket and Dad thought it was so funny.  We joked that she was already trying to get to his money!
~The next (and last picture for now) is so special to me! I had no idea growing up that my Dad had a picture of me and him in his Bible. He flashed it at me one time in church. I must tell you...that makes a daughter feel SO SPECIAL! When Trinity was around 8 months old or so, my Mom reminded me of it. We got it out to look at it and discovered that I was about Trinity's age (at that time) when the picture was taken. We were admiring the resemblance. After Dad passed away, my Mom asked me if I wanted anything of Dad's. The ONLY thing that I wanted was this picture! It has so much value to me I cannot even describe it! Guess where it is MY Bible...the beginning of Nehemiah to be exact!
Well, I hope that my life represents my earthly Father and heavenly Father well! Again, I was so blessed to have my Dad and I will never forget him! As matter of fact, I'm looking forward to our reunion in heaven someday!



  1. Andrea Mayberry DraperMarch 26, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    Christy, You are such a lucky girl to have a father like you had and this web page you made is amazing!!!! Was that the same cat you had in middle school? The cat that bit you in the nose? I am sorry about your Dad I did'nt know about it until about a month after he had passed away. I hope you and your family are doing good. I am sure it has been very difficult in the last year. But you have some great memories of him!!!! Take Care, Andrea

  2. Hey Andrea! So great to hear from you! It's been forever! :) Yes, Gypsy was the same old cat. We had to put him to sleep when I was a senior in High School. I grew up with him! I am so lucky to have all the good memories of Dad! I wish I could put them all on here, but this post was becoming too long as it was.