Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun

I love Valentine's Day!!!
Since I'm a big sap, it just gives me an excuse to do cute, corny things for all my loved ones!
Seriously though, it is really important to me that my family knows how much I love them on a regular basis! I want our kids to grow up in a happy, loving home where they know they are accepted and have support from both Dan and I. I also want my husband to know how much I appreciate him and that he makes my life so much fun and enjoyable. I honestly enjoy spending time with my family and making memories with them!
I found some great ideas on Pinterest (isn't that the BEST site for ideas) so this year was really exciting. I planned it all out, went and bought all the goodies, and then got to surprise each person in my family everyday!

Warning - Picture overload!!!

The first thing I started with was leaving Valentine's on the door of each person in my family. I made a sign that said, "14 Things I Love About My Family" and each day I would write on a heart something I love about that person and put it on their door. By Valentine's Day, they all had 14 hearts!

 They each got a Valentine every morning, as well.  I started on February 1st and continued thru February 14th. We even did a few little activities as it got closer to Valentine's Day.
Here is an overview of the Valentine's my Sweethearts got each day and the "punny" sayings that went with them:
February 1st -
Gift: Soda
Saying: Just "So-da" know I love you
February 2nd -
Gift: Starburst
Saying: I'm "bursting" with love for you
February 3rd -
Gift: Sprees
Saying: Oh how I love you, let me count the ways...1,2, "Spree"
February 4th -
Gift: Mints
Saying: We're "mint" to be
February 5th -
Gift: Gummy Bears (my family likes SOUR stuff...yuck!)
Saying: You're "beary" special
February 6th -
Gift: Sour Candies
Saying: Life would be "sour" without you
Activity - Made homemade Valentine's cards

Nehemiah's cards...I tried to make them "boy" colors:

Trinity's cards:
The inside of the cards:
  February 7th -
Gift: Fruit Snacks and Fruit ropes
Saying: I'm "fruity" for you
Activity - Made thumbprint bookmarks

One for Mimi and one for Daddy!
February 8th -
Gift: Suckers
Saying: I'm a "sucker" for you
(The kids went to spend a couple nights at my Mom's on this day)
February 9th -
Gift: Beef Jerky
Saying: I didn't want to be "jerky" so I got you something manly
February 10th -
Gift: Combos
Saying: We make a great "combo"
(Got the kids back today)
February 11th -
Gift: Sour Gummy Worms
Saying: I'm "hooked" on you
Activity - Made heart window clings (with friends)

We had some friends over for a play-date so we made our window clings together!

February 12th -
Gift: Smarties
Saying: I love you "Smartie" pants
Activity - Made Strawberry Shortcake Muffins - for my "stud muffin"
February 13th -
Gift: Hersey's Kisses
Saying: "Kisses" for my Valentine
Note: the kids went to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa tonight. So what did Dan and I do? We had a nice steak dinner...then had an "active" date night. I went with him to his Krav Maga class (Israeli self-defense.) It was WAY out of my comfort zone but so fun beating each other up! I wish I would have taken some pictures...

Dan turned his dinner into a terrible tator:
February 14th -
Gift: Sweettarts
Saying: For my "Sweettart"
Activity - Made pipe cleaner hearts with pony beads craft
We also surprised my Mom and brought flowers and her favorite candy bar to her work.

Surprising Mimi:
Nehemiah squished her candy bar...sorry, Mom!
Here are the kids opening their Valentine's gift from Mimi:


Here they are making our heart pony bead project:


They kids and I also got homemade Valentine's cards from Daddy just like the ones we made him! It was so sweet! I loved seeing his BIG hand on a pink piece of paper!!! What a guy!!!
What fun things did you do for/with your family for Valentine's Day?

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