Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

9 Years, 9 Songs

Since Dan and I are celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary, I thought I would highlight 9 songs that remind me of our relationship in some shape or form.

When it comes to music, we have completely different taste! I like contemporary Christian music and tend to like songs based on the lyrics and the message in the song. Dan, however, loves a wide variety of music and listens to all aspects of songs to judge if it's good or each individual instrument part, the vocals, the beats, the way it all blends together, blah, blah, blah! :)

When we're together, we generally listen to whatever he chooses because he claims that he can't stand my sappy music. :) Because of this, he has introduced me to a lot of songs that I actually like.

 Here are 9 songs that remind me of us and a description of why:

1)"Jeremy" by Pearl Jam
When we first met back in 1999, Dan's favorite band was Pearl Jam. The only song of theirs that I had even heard was "Jeremy" so it was common ground. He made me a cassette tape (how funny) with his favorite Pearl Jam songs and I memorized them going back and forth to college. We went to 2 concerts together, as well...oh the things you do for love?!?!

 2) "Back At One" by Brian McKnight
This was "our song" when we were dating. We didn't listen to it much but I liked it so he went along with it. 

3) "When It's Love" by Van Halen
We played this song in our wedding! (Yes, you read that right!) I made a picture slide show of the 4 years we dated and Dan suggested that we play this song during it. The lyrics are appropriate and it fit us well so it was a keeper. :)

4) "Hey Ya" by OutKast
This is our "honeymoon song." Not that we even like the song, but back in November 2003 this was huge hit. It was playing EVERYWHERE we went during our restaurants, on TV, in stores, on the radio (2-3 different stations at one time!) Okay, so it probably wasn't that extreme, but it was enough that we made a joke out of it and refer to this as the "honeymoon song."

5) "Boomin'"by Toby Mac
The first five years of our marriage (before we had kids), Dan was the Youth Pastor at our church. Every year we would take the kids to a concert called "Winter Jam." It was in a huge arena filled with tons of hyper, screaming teens! It was my LEAST favorite event to do each year. (As if leading the youth isn't stressful enough, try keeping track of 20+ kids in a setting like that!) Anyway, Dan would always take a group of them down on the floor where they could dance and crowd surf. I stayed up in the stands with the kids that just enjoyed the music from afar. Even though I didn't like being away from him during this concert, I always loved that he would just be silly and have fun with the kids. Toby Mac was always our favorite performance and he puts on an awesome show!!!

6)"Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice
Dan knows every word to this song and it cracks me up when he sings it!

7) "Beautiful Day" by U2
After we had Trinity and were finally released from the hospital to take her home, Dan played this song as we drove off with her! I sat in the back seat with her and enjoyed the whole ride there. I thought it was so sweet that he picked out a song for her!

8) "Superman is Dead" by Our Lady Peace
Dan plays this on his guitar and he gives Nehemiah his old guitar to jam on and Trinity gets drumsticks to beat pillows with. It is halarious watching the three of them "rock out!" Not to metion that Trinity has to belt out the words to the chorus! I seriously can't help but laugh out loud when the three of them are having fun together!

9) "Mountain Time" by Joe Bonamassa
This is our "bedtime song." We play this song periodically as we fall asleep. (Dan plays it on his iPhone.) It's over 10 minutes long so we usually don't even get to hear the whole thing, but Joe Banamassa can play the guitar! It's a great song!

After 9 years of marriage, 4 years of dating and 2 children, we have so many memories (and songs) together! I have learned a LOT over the years! Most of the time marriage is fun and exciting, but when it's not, it's still a huge BLESSING because I am married to my best friend and we know how to work things out, laugh together, support one another, and lean on God to improve our shortcomings. I love Dan more today than I did way back when we said "I do!" I am thankful everyday that we get to experience life together, raise our family, and grow older together!

Happy Anniversary, Dan! I love you!

Only 41 more years until our BIG PARTY!!! :)

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