Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey, Frustration, and What I'm Doing About It!

My Story:
Before I had kids, I never had to worry about my weight! I would always say that I'd love to lose 5 pounds, but it really was not an issue. Now that I have had two kids in the last three years, I am realizing that my body is not the same body it once was. My weight has went up and down between both pregnancies and it is so hard to lose now!

This is a picture of me the week we found out we were expecting Trinity. I was about 6 weeks along. This was the heaviest I had ever been.

After I had Trinity I fell into the trap of taking care of her and Dan at all times and forgetting about myself. Not that they needed me to only focus on them...I just did! That was my job and they were my priority. I wasn't getting enough sleep, I wasn't eating that good, I didn't stick to a regular exercise program, and I really didn't think about myself very often. Needless to say, I didn't lose all of the weight I had put on during that pregnancy. 

Not that I'm blaming any single event on my weight gain, but I had also dealt with my Dad battling and losing his fight with cancer during this time. Food is certainly a comfort for me and I go to it when I'm sad, tired, mad, bored, stressed, or have any other negative emotion. Dan was also in school so he was working full time during the day and going to class in the evenings. I was often home alone with our baby while being pregnant with our second child. Not a good mix!

Here is a picture of when I was about 6 weeks along with Nehemiah (and 30 pounds heavier than the first picture).

There are some people that are so cute being pregnant! I am NOT one of them! I enjoyed my first pregnancy because it was something new but the second one...I just wanted my baby to get here and to be done with all the junk that comes along with being pregnant! I blow up like a balloon!

I am embarrassed to even show this picture, but this was taken the day I delivered Nehemiah. He was 9 pounds, 9 ounces. I look like I could have TWO babies in there!

Since this picture was taken, I have lost 60 pounds! I attribute some of it to having the baby (he was a BIG boy), some to breast feeding for a year, and some to working out periodically.

I am currently 20 pounds away from my goal (and pre-pregnancy) weight!

My Frustration:
I should be happy about that, right? I've come a long way...
However, within the last couple of months I have really been disappointed with myself. I know that this last 20 pounds is not going to come off easy. I have not been eating right or working out on a regular basis. I am not happy or as confident with myself as I once was. I have even tried diet pills and detox wraps...that did not help. It is so frustrating that I let this weight sneak up on me and I haven't gotten rid of it yet!

What I'm Doing About It:
In early November, I decided I had to do something about this! I am so close to my goal weight and I'd rather get there one pound at a time TRYING instead of growing further and further away from it. I have realized that the only way I'm going to lose this weight is by putting in the work to exercise and eat right!

Here are some things I am doing to reach my goal:

*I Joined a local gym!

*Taking classes 2-3 times a week!
I mainly take Zumba and Kickboxing.

*Working out 2-3 times a week!
I am currently using weights and doing plyometric exercises.

*Eating healthier!
I'm mainly watching my calories and eating more fruits, vegetables and protein. I have cut down on sugar significantly! I'm making my calories count!

*Managing my diabetes better!
I have met with my diabetic specialist and she is helping me to get my blood sugars back on track. They have actually been low lately because of all the exercise I've been doing and good food I've been eating.

*Training to run my first 5k!
This includes running/walking 3-4 days a times a week. I'm doing the "Couch to 5K" program that takes 8 weeks and my 5K run is in March! I'm really excited and I hope I can run the whole thing without stopping...

This is not a New Year's's a lifestyle change and I want this to be permanent!
This is a huge change for me because I am making myself a priority for the first time in 3 years. I feel guilty sometimes and actually have to tell myself that it's okay to take care of myself. My family is adjusting to me being gone a few hours a night. This is a sacrifice for them too and I so appreciate their support!

There are a few people that I could NOT do this without and I have to mention them!

*Dan - He supports me and takes the kids off my hands so I can take care of myself. He wants me to be happy...and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that he may get a better looking wife out of the deal! :)

*My Mom, Kevin (FIL), and Gina (MIL) - They are so kind to watch the kids for me if Dan is working or isn't available when I need to workout, take a class, or train.

*Jacinda - She meets me at the gym 2-3 times a week. It keeps me motivated knowing that she expects me to be there. We take classes together, train for the 5K together, and workout with one another.

*Tara - She inspired me to initially try Zumba...which sparked something in me to get moving!

*Melissa - My Zumba/Kickboxing instructor that appears to enjoy kicking my butt and making me sweat on a regular basis! :)

*The Biggest Loser - I love that show! It really does motivate me and makes me see that if I don't change for the better then I'm headed to failure.

I really hope that I can attain my weight loss goal! I'm sure it's going to take a lot of time, but if nothing else comes about from this hard work at least I'm gaining a healthier lifestyle, making my heart stronger, and getting my diabetes more under control.

I also acknowledge that my physical appearance is not everything and I should see myself through God's eyes. As He told Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7b "For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Ultimately my relationship with God should be top priority! Making myself healthier will just make me more confident.

I'm sure many of you have experienced this same thing.
What's your weight gain/loss story?
What are your frustrations?
What are YOU doing about it?
I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Good luck with your last 20 pounds! I know you will make it, and I commend you for tackling this now, when you're younger, and have a manageable amount of weight to lose. Hang in there! Hugs and blessings...

  2. Let me firs say. Girl. You look Fantastic! Secondly, how brave and fun are you for covering a topic Soo personal to soo many. We, most all, have or are going thru this. Next let me congratulate you on a body that has carried babies and delivered beautiful blessings from God! What a gift you have been given and now How excited we get to say goodbye to a body of that of a girl and hello to our curves we earned! Getting healthy and feeling confident and strong is such a hard task of a new mom of young babies, but so important. Im juggling how to embrase my more womenly body and celebrate it, at the same time trying to tame it! Best wishes and thanks for a great topic to share. (Yes, after 3 babies close together and other personal issues im down about 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight!)

  3. Christy jo,
    I am so inspired by your story! It's so hard to look back at pictures of a younger, more fit version of myself and not want that for tomorrow. The truth is that weight doesn't go on overnight just like it doesn't come off overnight.... The slower you lose it though, the better it is on your body and long-term maintenance.

    My husband and I have been dealing with infertility issues for the past couple years and while I felt like I had a good attitude about it all, remaining optimistic, the truth is that I was also turning to food for comfort. Over those 2 years we both put on a fair amount of weight. It wasn't until one of our doctors told us that every 5 pounds completely changes the makeup of sperm and pregnancy retention for the positive. So we started using the free website to track calories. At first we were astonished with how "over" our calories were for just eating our "normal foods". It was a serious reality check! We started eating better, and taking on a better philosophy of movement throughout our day. They give credit for calories burned doing laundry, vacuuming, handy man jobs, in addition to aerobics, weight training, etc. It was just the motivation I needed to get started. From June to December I have lost 32 lbs and my husband has lost 51 lbs. Some weeks were frustrating as I would only lose .5 lb or 1 lb after working so hard, but when you look at it over time it is all still progress towards your goal. It helped me to do measurements too, then when I wasn't losing as much maybe I was still trimming down due to muscle building. We have been pleasantly surprised with how much more we can do now, that we were limited from before due to the weight.

    Especially in today's society, people make diets and weight loss gimics look so easy. The truth is that it's hard work and takes persistence. Even when I get to my goal I will have to be mindful of what I'm eating and how much I'm moving just so I can maintain my ideal weight. It's nice to know there are other "real people" out there working hard to obtain their goals towards weight loss.

    Thank you so much for being so open and vulnerable to share your story. You have inspired me to keep pressing on to a healthier lifestyle.

    Keep up your great work!!
    Kelly Story

  4. Christy,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I am having my own frustration with weight loss. I'm having to find alternate ways to work on exercise, due to financial issues and single motherhood / finding a babysitter. It inspired me to read your post! I actually just finished a video to tackle food issues!

  5. I forgot to sign my post!

    -Lindsey Ragsdale

  6. I'm not as far along in the process as you are (as I've been refusing to even get on a scale to see how much I've gained... I'm thinking it's significant since my underware are too small) but you're very inspirational and the funny thing is it's simple. We all know the answer. I love that you've got the support you need too - having a partner and people to help work out the schedule will make this happen for you! My frustration is with myself - I can't find the will to ...GO!And the reality is not that I can't but wont for some reason. I think I'm just crazy. Keep posting, I want to see your progress :) I'll come back when I have the plan of action
    Katie Ruppert

  7. Good luck with the marathon! Sometimes I think about doing one but I'm a little scared. This coming from a former cross country runner and soccer player. The thought if it just makes me nervous. I've done 5 miles before and I used to place, but I remember the nerves pre-race and how much will power goes into it. It is a feeling like nothing else when you accomplish it though. Good luck and you have come a long way. I'm sure you'll lose those last 20 pounds soon.