Me with my family!

Me with my family!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Outlook on Life...

Life has been a little crazy for us lately! There have been a few unexpected things pop up that could easily get us down. However, I have decided that my outlook on life needs to be that I am to blessed to be stressed!

For starters, our van has been having some issues for the past month or so. We FINALLY took it in to get looked at. It was three times more expensive than what we expected and something major that we HAD to get fixed! Not cool! However, I am thankful that we have a savings account and there is enough money to cover it...and that the problem was fixable! 

Dan has been super busy lately, so that means that it's me and the kids home alone a lot. Since the van has been messed up, we've even been "stuck" at home. After so many hours of providing non-stop child care, I start to feel a little overwhelmed. Then I realize how blessed I am to have happy, healthy kids! I am so thankful for them! I am also thankful for a husband that goes to work everyday and strives to provide for his family and better himself in all aspects of life!

Sleep...oh how I love sleep! Our baby boy must be going through a growth spurt because he isn't sleeping all night anymore and I'm not used to that! The past week, I have been getting up with him once or twice a night. I am not a very nice person when I'm not well rested, but I have to remind myself that I am so blessed to get a little sleep when I get the chance. Surprisingly, there were 3 days this week that both kids took a nap at the same time! It's a MIRACLE! :) So, guess what I did? Nap time for Mommy!!!! I am so thankful for naps! I'm also thankful that the past two nights since Nehemiah has sleep for at least a 6-hour stretch at a time! 6 hours in row is wonderful when you've been going strong all week!
(Dan always makes fun of the kids and I because we end up with our arms above our heads sometimes.)

I could get easily annoyed that our daughter somehow always ends up in bed with us by the morning. Especially when she kicks or elbows me while I'm trying to finally get some rest. Then I realize how thankful I am that she at least starts off the night in her own bed and sometimes we get a break and she stays there all night. :)

In life, there are numerous things that can get us down and make us have a negative attitude. It is up to YOU on how you handle these situations and if you will make them better or worse...for you and everyone around you. Be thankful for the things you have and just take all the tough things in life one step at a time.

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